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The 3 Rivers Baseball League has joined forces with the ACBL to form a Super League for the Spring/Summer and Fall!! Why? It's simple. It is for you! We want to grow and form 1 Super League that will provide any team, of any talent level, the competition they want at an affordable price! You will not have to play teams outside your talent level unless you want too!

This League will be split into 3 different divisions. Elite, Open, and District. Teams will be placed in these divisions based on their talent level, but you will have the option to play crossover games ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE TOO! These levels will allow the League to encompass teams of any talent level!

For more information, please contact Jon Cardamone at 866-6-PLAYAC or Randy Frankel at 412-897-6835.

2017 ACBL Features

  • After January 1st, ACB League Teams will be extended the Early Bird Discount ($50) through the 2017 season for any ACB Tournament or Sq Hill Baseball Tournament
  • (Randy Frankel at 412-897-6835)
  • Field access for your games. Call Randy Frankel at 412-897-6835 to schedule
  • Teams can order Baseball's for $35 per dozen. Get an ACB Bucket FREE per 3 Doz. you order.
  • Year End Tourney (13U and younger)
  • All Star Game (No Charge to Players)
  • Opening Ceremonies on May 29th at the Washington WildThings Home Opener. FREE tickets for Players and Coaches and the opportunity to fundraise money to be donated back to your team! PLAY IN THE ACBL FOR FREE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW!!
  • Opening Ceremonies on July 20th at PNC Park before the Pirates host the Milwaukee Brewers. Player's and Coaches get to go on the Warning Track before the Game!!
  • Flexibility to create a schedule that works best for your team and your families!!
  • Flexibility to play at your field, a neutral site, or your opponents site
  • Discounts offered to other Local Tournaments ( West Penn Elite )

3 Divisions will be offered. An Elite Division, Open Division, and a DISTRICT/METRO DIVISION. For Organizations that have multiple teams, you will register your top team in the Elite Division and your other Teams in the Open Division.

The District Division is for Teams that are more of an "ALL STAR" caliber team where the majority, if not all, of the players on the team are from the same School District/Local Organization. OR Teams that compete at that level. Players can be rostered on a District Team and Travel Team as long as the District Team is not part of a Travel Organization and the Team is not in the same Division.

The Elite Division (top 25% of Travel Teams) is for Organizations that have multiple Teams in an Age Group. The top Team will enter the Elite Division. All other Teams in that Age Group will enter the Open Division.

Or if Teams can compete at the Elite Level (top 25% of Travel Teams), they can also enter the Elite Division.

Teams will be able to play crossover games.

If ACB feels you are registered in the wrong division, you may be asked to move.

Elite Division Entry Requirements:
-2 Recommendations from current Elite Teams or
-Win the Open Division or
-Previous Year, 1 Tournament Championship and 1 Tournament Semi-Final Appearance