• Where will the games be played?

    All venues will be first class facilities within an approximate 1 hour radius of the city listed on the Tournament Page. Please double check your Tournament Page for your Age Groups specific location.
  • Where will the competing teams come from?

    We have had Teams from: PA, OH, MI, IN, IL, WV, VA, MA, NC, NJ, NY, CT, DE, FL, WI, TN and Canada.
  • Can I make a scheduling request?

    Unfortunately due to the large number of teams and facilities being coordinated for our events, it is impossible for us to address individual team requests. All teams must be prepared to play baseball starting Thursday or Friday morning depending on Tournament. Games can start as early as 8 am. Please be sure to check the individual Tournament Page for specific tournament details.
  • How Do I Determine my Teams Age?

    As with nearly all US based Tournaments, age is determined by the cutoff date of April 30. The age of the oldest player on your team as of that date is considered the age of your team. Canadian based teams, this age calculation is different than the January 1st date used throughout most of Canada. Please be sure you calculate your team’s age correctly prior to registering.
  • Who will Umpire the games?

    We will be using the region’s best umpire crews. All officials will be certified professionals.
  • Where do I send my Payment?

    Only after successfully completing your online registration, checks should be made payable to Atlantic Coast Baseball and sent to:

      Atlantic Coast Baseball
      1175 Commerce Circle
      Trafford, PA 15085

    Only payments accompanied by an online registration invoice will be accepted.
  • Is there a Payment Deadline?

    Teams that successfully register online and make payment by credit card will be confirmed for the Tournament immediately. Teams that pay be check will have their Tournament Registration held for 14 days to provide payment. If payment does not reach us within 14 days, the team will be placed on a waiting list pending payment and space availability.
  • Will the tournaments sell out?

    Yes, in 2017 most of our Tournaments were sold out before December 1st.
  • Can I hold a spot with a deposit?

    Due to the high demand for entry in our Tournaments, only payment in full can confirm your participation.
  • I'm from Canada - How do I pay for the Tournament?

    Canadian teams can pay by Credit Card (prefered), Online Bank Transfer, or a Money Order. If by check, it must be in US Funds. Please make sure your team ages coincide with cutoff dates outlined above and in our rules.
  • Is there a weather hotline?

    No. We use a system that will send an automated message and e-mail to all the Coaches simultaneously. Please have your families "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive Weather updates.
  • How do I order my free hats for the ACB Cap Classic®?

    A representative will contact you as soon as your team payment is received in full and registration confirmed. All hats will also have playacbaseball.com on the back or ACB logo on the side.
  • Can I order additional hats beyond the free 18 I will receive?

    Absolutely! An additional cost, based on hat style, will be charged to you for each additional hat ordered. If you order any additional hats, you must pay for these in full before your design will be processed.
  • What is your refund policy?

    Cap Classic:
    Prior to your hat order being placed and before May 1st - your refund will be your full tournament registration less a $150 administrative fee. Once your hat order has been placed and prior to April 1 - you will receive your team hats plus your registration fee less $375. After April 1st- no refund will be given. You will receive your team hats. In the event your team ordered additional hats beyond the 18 included with the tournament registration, no refund will be issued with an outstanding balance for additional hats.

    Louisville Slugger WS:
    Prior to April 1st- your refund will be your full tournament registration less a $150 administrative fee. Once your bat order has been placed and prior to April 1 - you will receive your team bats plus your registration fee less $375. After May 1st- no refund will be given. You will receive your team bats. In the event your team ordered additional bats beyond the included with the tournament registration, no refund will be issued while any outstanding balance for additional bats remains.

    Non-Specialty Event:
    0 games played: Entry fee minus a $150 administrative fee
    1 game played: 50% Refund
    2 games played: No Refunds
    Teams also have the option to transfer their entry into a future ACB Tournament
  • Are New Era Hats required for all players and coaches?

    Yes. All participants and coaches by rule will be required to wear New Era Caps for the Cap Classic® Tourney. Be sure your team sizes are correct when your order is placed!
  • Do I have to come to Headquarters to check-in?

    No. We want you to show up to the Tournament ready to play! All paperwork is to be completed 14 days before the start of the Tournament. No paperwork can be handed in at the field. We will have your Baseballs, Coaches Packets, Bats (if applicable), Rules delivered to you before your first game.
  • Can I call in to Check-In?

    No. Due to the amount of teams, we will send out any notifications through our One Call system or thru our Social Media channels.
  • Are rain-outs made up?

    We have back-up fields available and will do everything to get the games played. In the event of a larger event, the schedule will be modified to insure a valid playoff structure can be maintained.
  • What can you tell me about the schedule tournament weekend?

    Game schedules will be available the Tuesday of the week of the Tournament. Coaches/Parents should plan on the following for the tournament weekend: Starting Thursday morning (ACB Cap Classic® & Louisville Slugger Wood Bat World Series), teams will play one or two games each day Thursday thru Saturday for a total of 3-5 games (depending on tournament format). Playoffs and Consolation round will begin on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Playoff times will be posted (for each individual age division) Saturday evening between 5-6pm, or 10:30pm-11pm Saturday night after the last completed pool play game is confirmed. 3 Day Tournaments will begin between 4 and 6 pm on Friday Evening (depending on school/time of year/etc.).