Coaches Checklist

  • Forward the Online Waiver Form to your parents to complete (This will be emailed to the Team Contacts 1-2 months prior to the tournament)
  • (This is replacing the paper waiver form requiring parent signatures used in previous years. Schedules will not be released until all teams have fulfilled this requirement!)
  • Please email, a copy of your Insurance Certificate listing the below as "Additional Insured":

  • Atlantic Coast Baseball
    PO Box 87
    Trafford, PA 15085

  • Have copies of your Roster and Birth Certificates on you at all times
  • We use many college fields so have a roster with contact information available. Include things like grad year, high school, SAT scores, ACT scores, etc.
  • Print a copy of the RULES and keep in your Scorebook along with the Field Addresses
  • The system we use to communicate with you leading up to, and during the Tournament, will send simultaneously send you an e-mail and automated phone call. We can accept 2 Cell Phone Numbers and 2 E-Mail addresses per team. Please e-mail them to so you do not miss any updates!!
  • Please inform your parents they can stay up to date with Weather/Tournament updates by following us on Social Media:

  • Contact T1 Housing, to assist you with your Hotel Arrangements, Things to Do, etc. (
  • Teams playing in the Shipyard Tournament please complete, sign, and submit the following document prior to the tournament Acknowledgment

For the Mother's Day Challenge (Pittsburgh, PA) Only:

  • This is a Nation's Sanctioned Event
  • Please Register Your Team on Nations and Fill Out an Online Roster